What is bachelor of computer applications (BCA)?

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) is a three year undergraduate degree course  which is runs annually.Students will be taught subjects which are related to the technological applications that are required in today’s practical work field.


Major Skills to be learnt During BCA

Students who opt for a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) will get skills and information not only about Computer and Information Technology but also in communication, organization and management. One also get to learn programming languages such as Java, C++, HML, SQL, etc. Information about various computer applications and latest developments in IT and communication systems is also provided.


Career opportunities

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) gives a number of opportunities to individuals to go ahead and shine in their lives. The opportunities available for people doing BCA are galore. A few of them being like Software Programmer, System and Network Administrator, Web Designer, Faculty for Computer Science/Communication Technology, etc.

 We know that India is an IT power thus it is obvious that the course of BCA will provide jobs in the IT sector. The companies such as Wipro, InfoTech, Satyam, [TCS] Tata Consultancy Service, Siemens Communications, and even International companies such as Vodafone, and Essar Communications are hiring Students every year.

IT is of out sounding news to know that even the Students are getting placements in dairy firms, banking firms. The firms are hiring more of the BCA applicants for their software based queries.

If one wishes to become a Software Developer or web-designer or wants to take up a career in Systems Management, then BCA is the best course to get an early start for their careers. Job opportunities can be found in both large and small software development organizations as well as hardware companies.

Future scope

Those who have completed their BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) it gives them an added advantage if they work in some organization for a few years and then do their MCA (Masters in Computer Applications). After completing their masters one becomes specialized in that particular field. It gives a distinct advantage to the students.