Following same regime everyday makes life dull and monotonous so, leisure is important. Keeping this in mind, an educational tour to Kumbhalgarh Fort was planned for the students of IT as well as Management department of Aryabhatta International College of Technical Education comprising of about 170 students. Kumbhalgarh Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan and has the second longest wall in the world. Kumbhalgarh has a typical historic vibe with a hilltop vantage point, a couple of picturesque ancient temples and other awe-inspiring intricately designed monuments such as the Badal Mahal featuring colorful murals and crisp aerial views. In a nutshell, there was a lot to learn about the architecture and heritage of the Mewar Kingdom and the excursion was an adventurous, exhilarating, novel and rejuvenating escapade for the students and the faculty.