College Campus

In order to achieve its ambition of being a world-class education provider, we are committed to significant enhancement of its facilities and buildings, essential for world-class research and all-round development of students. The college has an extremely modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure that goes a long way in facilitating a number of services for the students as well as the staff members spread over an area of 12,000 sq. feet. The campus boasts of finest interiors, infrastructures and a dedicated team provide excellent educational facilities that serve the areas and domains that have the potential to improve the quality of life for large sections of the society. The joyfulness of the Aryabhatta College is reflected in its ambience- a befitting reflection of the contentment that resides within – the well-lit spaces and airy environment, the visuals on the walls, the creative installations, the work on the boards and the busy students.

Our Infrastructure

Computer Lab

The college recognizes the key role that IT plays in teaching as well as research. Therefore, it is committed to providing computing facilities of the highest standards. A high-speed optical fiber network of 1Gbps through two ISPs with wireless redundancy allows all students to access a range of services across our entire campus, including student hostels with more than 200 access points.


Library is the hub of the academic life of the Aryabhatta College campus. Housed in spacious halls, the Library is well stocked with textbooks, technical journals, periodicals, and reference material for advanced research and development work. The aim is to support the educational, research, clinical, artistic, professional, and community-service goals.

Seminar Hall

The college has multiple Seminar Rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual facilities which act as a common ground for students and faculty members. The auditoriums and seminar rooms are extensively setup for regular interfaces, guest lectures, presentations, conferences, cultural events and other academic activities. The auditoriums and seminar rooms provide an excellent environment to support teaching and learning for both staff and students with complete audio-visual, sound and lighting support and stadium-style seating.

Smart Classroom and Lecture Theater

The Smart Learning approach provides learners of all ages and walks of life with a framework and a host of Smart Thinking Tools that motivate higher levels of understanding. We at Aryabhatta aim to promote and expand the use of E-Learning or Smart learning across the college to enhance the student experience. We strive to ensure that our facilities can reflect the excellence of the teaching, learning and research which is expected of a world-class institution.

Our Infrastructure

Fashion Lab

Fashion Design is an excellent opportunity to take up a creative career in clothing with great textile & fashion design potential of employment opportunities in the rapidly expanding designer label, luxury brands, apparel retail brands, and ready-to-wear fashion industry. In the current competitive environment, a fashion designer needs to be equipped with knowledge, skills and professional attitude to give shape to his or her creative ideas through technical interpretation.

Interior Lab

Exploring the power and impact of spatial design to understand and transform existing spaces in a social, cultural, sustainable and contemporary setting is at the heart of the Interior Design program at Aryabhatta College. In a technologically transforming ecosystem where design problems are multiple and challenges are complex, our program encourages students to take creative risks. They design spaces that blend real-world requirements with innovative solutions, to shape holistic spatial experiences.

Hotel Management Lab

We strongly believe in continuous education in theory as well as the practical component and as such the College has a State-of-the-Art infrastructure, to enable students to explore the unique nature of Hotel management.


Aryabhatta College has the best provision for sports and games within their campus premises. The management of the Aryabhatta has provided all the facilities to the students that encourage them to get involve with their favorite sports.. like like cricket, football, volleyball, Basket ball, badminton, tennis, etc.

Counselling Center

Aryabhatta College has a dedicated Counselling Centre to provide personal and group counselling to students. The Centre supports students to deal with their academic, social, emotional and behavioural concerns related to adolescence and peer group dynamics.


he spacious well-ventilated classrooms with natural light, provide a conducive environment for learning. Every classroom has display boards, and ergonomically designed age-appropriate furniture.